James Marcus Haney is an American Photographer who has been one of the largest inspirations to the way I take photographs. The first time I saw his work was when I was watching a documentary, No Cameras Allowed, which showed Haney going from music festival to music festival and sneaking in to take pictures of the artists. Music is such a large part of my life that the whole idea of getting that close to famous musicians and capturing moments of them performing their art enthralled me.

Haney’s career started when he snuck into Coachella in 2010 with a fake wristband and a vintage camera that he took from the University of Southern California’s film department. He would pose as media and get to the front of every concert and take amazing pictures of the artists, capturing their emotions in a still frame. In 2011, the band Mumford & Sons asked Haney to tour with them on their Railroad Revival Tour. The band had seen a documentary filmed by Haney that included a lot footage of them performing at Bonnaroo, and were so impressed by it that they decided they wanted him to document their whole tour. At the time, Haney was in his last semester at the University of Southern California and dropped out to join the tour and become Mumford & Son’s official photographer. His story has inspired me to create my own photography website and take advantage of any opportunities I get to take photographs.


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