The Looming Observer

2016-10-13 02.34.25 1.jpg

I captured this image with my Samsung Galaxy S7 during the break we had for Hurricane Mathew. When the cloudy weather started to roll around, I found a break from the heat which allowed me to go skateboard with my friends without feeling like I was going to pass out from heat stroke. While we were skating, we decided to cruise on campus since there weren’t many people around. After our sesh, we ended up resting at the basketball court right by the Observatory and I saw an opportunity to take a great photo because the dull lighting though the clouds made all of the colors of the asphalt, brick, and observatory roof contrast with each other in an extremely beautiful way.

I slightly edited the photo’s lighting and exposure to make the colors contrast even more because, as we all know, I love to add that dark feel to all of my photographs.  This photograph is definitely one of my favorite that I have taken in awhile, so I felt that I needed to share it even though it has the “dark” feel that most of my previous posts also have. I definitely consider this an art piece and have already copied it into my portfolio.


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