I’ve been to three Coachella Music Festivals, Firefly Music Festival, and over a hundred concerts since I was a freshman in high school. Music has always been my number one love, but once I started going to these festivals and watching the photographers on stage engage with the musicians and capture the wild and creative process of these  groups and individuals, I knew that I wanted to do the same.

The photo above was taken by a photographer known as RUKES, possibly the best DJ photographer currently out there. RUKES is so interesting to me because he doesn’t like to give his real name, which is actually Drew Ressler, doesn’t let anyone know where he is, and captures some of the most electric photos I’ve ever seen. The mysterious persona that he has taken makes his photographs even better; he reminds me of the Banksy of photography. RUKES got his big break when he was named the official photographer for Deadmau5, one of the most iconic EDM artists of all time. After he was given this opportunity, other major EDM artists, such as Avicii, Skrillex, and Kaskade, started to notice his work and took him on as their photographer. Since he does work for so many artists, people like to say that RUKES is, “Everywhere and nowhere at the same time.”


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