Friendly Inspiration


This photograph was taken by one of my closest friends, Kai Gerard. Kai is currently a sophomore at FIDM in Los Angeles and is an extremely talented photographer, director, and film editor. He got into photography and film right after a snowboarding accident that caused him to get a hip replacement when we were only 13 years old.

Coming from a family of snowboarders and skateboarders, Kai had plenty of opportunities to capture high intensity action shots his friends and family on the slopes and on the streets. When Kai’s little brother, Red Gerard, started to get sponsorships for snowboarding, his family moved to Colorado so that Red could continue his practice every day. Kai became Red’s personal photographer, and has gotten gigs doing photography for some of Red’s sponsors such as Red Bull, Von Zipper, and Burton.

Kai is currently on his schoolwork, which consists of mostly art pieces, such as the image that is featured. Kai has always been an inspiration to my own photography, and I think that darkness of this photo reflects my style because I adopted it from him.


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