Feelin’ “OFF”


This photo was taken last semester for an assignment that was meant to showcase fashion. I wanted to show the culture of street wear in my images, so I felt that taking photos out of the studio was the best way to communicate my vision. This photo is of a friend of mine, Wil Bethune, wearing pieces of clothing made by some of the most popular street wear brands, such as “Off-White”, Palace, and Gucci. I believe that the most compelling part of this photo is the composition. The washed out colors of the background compliment the color of his clothing and represent the brand of clothing he is wearing. Also, I placed him right in the middle of the door, which I think makes the photo pleasing to look at because of its somewhat symmetrical value. I really enjoyed this shoot, but I do not have any strong emotional feelings attached to it. I do, however, want to keep these photos and keep doing this type of photography because I really enjoy matching colors of the industrial surroundings with the colors of the clothing.

For the assignment, we were asked to mimic a style from a fashion photographer of our choosing, and I picked Gunner Stahl. His photography is never taken in studio, but using the surroundings he is given. He mostly photographs musicians who are very involved  in the street wear scene. An example of his work, showing rapper Tyler, the creator, is featured below. In the photo, it is obvious that the color of his clothing was matched with the color of the car and his other surroundings.
Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 1.49.11 PM


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