For my final project, in possibly the last photography class I will even take, I plan to visually highlight various mental illnesses in the way that I perceive them. I struggle from PTSD and an anxiety disorder, myself, and I know many other people who suffer from different mental illnesses. I have lost friends and family to these some of these diseases, so this topic is very important to me.

While doing research for this project, I came across the story of Christian Sampson, from Peru, Indiana. He’s an extremely talented photographer who had the same idea as me, but in 2014. He was also doing this project for a class which made me look into his story more. I came across his photographs he took for this project and they are extremely powerful and inspired me to try and evoke the same emotions in those who will view my series of photos. Sampson photographed 12 different illnesses, but I will only focus on 6. My favorite photo of his series was his portrayal of addiction.sampsonaddictionThis photo is so powerful to me because I have so many family of my family members and friends have struggled with addiction in some way, and a few have lost their life to it. I showed this photo to a family member who struggles from alcohol addiction and they were absolutely taken back by it. They said it was “beautifully disturbing”, which is a phrase that has been embedded in my mind and hope to create a series of photos that brings this phrase to the mind of anyone who views my series.


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