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Mario Testino, whose famous works have been shown in dominant fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and GQ, is a fashion photographer from Peru. He has done work for very famous brands including Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Michael Kors, Chanel, and Estée Lauder. Testino is a great inspiration to me because he was not handed anything in life. When he was just 22 years old, he moved to London with no money in his pocket and was living in a room in an abandoned hospital. For money, he would sell portfolios and do make-up and hair for models who were trying to make their way to the top. This experience was life-changing for Testino, as he made a name for himself at an early age through networking with models who would pass on recommendations for him.

testino2At the peak of his career, Testino was commissioned to photograph the iconic Madonna for Versace. From this point on, he was a common name amongst fashion photographers. Today, Testino is not just known for his photography, but being a mass media mogul. He has held positions as a creative director, editor, and has founded a museum and his own company, MARIOTESTINO+. The company deals with everything from creative direction and brand strategy to curating museum exhibitions. Testino has truly solidified his dominance in the mass media world as he has worked for some of the most prolific publications and brands in history, as well as creating his own mass media company.



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